About this website

We would like to make this site meaningful regardless of content.
Regarding this field, I think that there are very many who are seeking a useful website.
In addition to compacting information comprehensively, it is a characteristic of the WEB site here that we will deliver a wide range of information by providing information other than this information.

Since I’d like to post a variety of topics on cosmetics at any time and increase the site,
please check the contents that will be for cosmetics.
By the way, I would also like to focus on publishing sites in various industries.
Even if there is no purpose, it will be a useful site so I think that you can try browsing once.
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Regarding medical and hospital

The medical and hospital fields here are a lot of things to be posted on paper recently, and it is a field of outdoor fashion of high attention.
It is an important story, is that medical and hospital?
The topic of season HP is bored with no matter how much it reads. Such HP is very useful.
Because it is a site that will become famous for becoming famous in the near future, please check it.

Handling of personal information

We will rewrite the contents of this policy step by step. Moreover, it is changing from time to time.
We will strongly understand the appropriate protection and handling of personal information as we post a wide range of extensive and extensive services, and we will set up and operate a policy on privacy protection (privacy policy).
The site complies with laws and regulations concerning personal information and other regulations.
When gathering personal information such as name, telephone number, etc., we will inform you of your intention and strictly keep that information.
When collecting personal information, this homepage, beauty department store displays the information to be entered (name, sex etc) to the person to be entered.
“Personal information” defined by this HP refers to “personal information” that is covered in “Law on protection of personal information” (Law No. 57 of 2003).

Publisher information

■ Operator: Beauty Department Store
■ Operation Representative Name: Aki Sakai
■ Site URL: http: //www.btibsi.com/
■ Contact: info@btibsi.com